This Spell was created by Jake Halliwell in the Season 1 episode "Don't Worry About Me".....when Piper disappeared, Jake and Paige tried the "To Call a Lost Witch" Spell first, but it didn't work....then Jake theorized that maybe the call of a lost sibling would be more strong.


To Call a Lost SiblingEdit

  • Put the following ingredients in a Silver Mortar:

-A Pinch of Cypress

-A Sprig of Rosemary

-A Yarrow Root

  • Grind with a Pestle while chanting:

I call upon the family line

To send this call through Space and Time

Let the Greater Good lose it's boundary walls

Bring forth the one my heart calls

  • Spill the blood of the Caller into the Mortar, and continue chanting:

Blood to Blood, I summon thee

Long-lost sibling, return to me