The Demonic Academy is a brutal six year training program that transforms human into demons by destroying their humanity. Training includes challenges set forth in demonic wrestling rings, how to attack innocents, and how to avoid being detected by good witches. As training progresses and their humanity fades away, they earn chevron to signify their progress. Once a human earns his sixth chevron by killing an innocent, he becomes a full-fledged demon. A human who becomes a demon in this manner can earn more chevrons and additional powers if they render great service to The Source.

The Academy was headed by Kellman, an Upper-Level Demon who was once a human himself. For many years, he posed as a sports agent and then tricked many of his "clients" into Faustian Deals that forced them into The Academy. For his loyal service to The Source, Kellman earned eight chevrons in return before being vanquished by one of his prize recruits, Tom Peters.

Those who become demons in this manner still appear to have a soul; full-blooded demons don't have soul.


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The Academy

The Academy entry


The Academy entry seen in Season 5 episode, "Sam, I Am"

The Academy

It is our belief that humans who enter into demonic
contracts can be recruited into the Academy.
This is the means by which The Source creates new
Demons. The subject must survive a grueling
physical ordeal to be admitted to the Academy.
Following admittance, the subject begins a long and
brutal training program which destroys Humanity
and renders the subject Demonic. Upon completion of
the program, the subject must kill an innocent in order
to prove that the Demonic Conversion is complete.

Chevrons are earned as training progresses. Five
chevrons are earned in the course of Academic study.
A sixth chevron, awarded for the death of an
innocent, indicates the Demonic Conversion is
complete. Additional chevrons represent great service
to The Source and the increased Powers that are
Bestowed in return.