Cryto, the Demon of Vanity

Cryto was a demon known as "The Demon of Vanity".

In the 16th century, Cryto traveled the Dukedom's offering youth and beauty, but at a great price. In exchange for his services, Cryto demanded the souls of those he restored. A group of three witches sought to stop Cryto by skinning him alive, believing this would prevent his spirit from returning. Rather than being vanquished, the demon was reduced to non-corporeal, gaseous state.


(Book of Shadows text:)


In the sixteenth century,
Cryto 2

Cryto entry in the Book

Cryto travelled from
dukedom to dukedom,
preying on people's vanity.
bestowing youth and beauty
in exchange for their souls.
Cryto was found out and
skinned alive by a group of
witches who believed it
would keep his spirit from
ever being resurrected