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Burke is a Demonic Bounty Hunter, known for encasing his prey in ice or as he calls them, his personal trophies. His weapon of choice is a crossbow and by using magic crystals and cryogenic containers, this demon is able to instantly freeze and thus keep his prey as a trophy.


(Book of Shadows text:)


Burke entry in The Book


Burke entry

++ Burke ++

a demonic bounty hunter willing to sell out to the highest
bidder as long as they agree to his one rule: he gets to keep
the mark. Known for freezing his prey into personal trophies,
Burke takes a sadistic pleasure
in his job. Lacking any code
of honor, Burke will hunt
demon, witch, warlock...
Burke doesn't even feel a
need to hide out. If you
dare, the following spell
can be used to locate
Let the hunted
of the past
be our guide,
Take us to
the hunter that
does not hide.

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