The Alchemist Tool's entry seen i n Season 3 episode, "Look Who's Barking"

Alchemist's Tools are magical, metaphysical tools used by Demonic Alchemists, most notably to create, harness, and store Life Essences and to transform one type of material into another.


(Book of Shadows text:)

Essence BearerEdit

An Alchemist would use a bottle such as this

Book of Shadows entry

to capture and/or store a Life essence. A
Life Essence is comparable to a human soul, but
made in a mixing lab. A well made Life Essence
can possess any living being but would prove toxic
and eventually lethal to the being's pre-existing Soul.


Crimson ScalpelEdit

This ceremonial instrument is used by an Alchemist to open
Tools 1

Alchemist's Tools 1

an incision in a body. The Demon then performs an
incantation on the blood and lets it drip into the
Essence Bearer, where it is mixed with
other ingredients and
transformed into a
Life Essence.


Blazing AlembicEdit

This apparatus transforms matter into energy.
Tools 2

Alchemist's Tools 2

The Alchemist deposits matter in this device
and heats it over a ritualistic flame.
After the Alchemist invokes Dark
Spirits, the matter distills into energy
which can be manipulated for evil purposes.


This contraption transforms one type
of matter into another. An Alchemist
places the initial substance inside the
first cylinder. Then, as the Alchemist
chants, the substance magically
materializes in the second cylinder
in an entirely different form.